Hidden Costs of BI

eBook: The Hidden Costs of Business Intelligence Revealed, and How to Fight Back

It can be surprisingly difficult to estimate the long-term costs of a business intelligence project. BI pricing isn’t transparent and even when you know the numbers, it’s difficult to estimate which options you’re going to need. This can be an even bigger problem two or three years down the road when you realize you want to roll out BI much more widely in your organization.

You have a right to know the cost of setting up your new BI system and to reliably estimate your future costs – regardless of the scenario. Sometimes, it seems that the more time you spend talking to vendors about your BI project, the less you know about the total cost of getting it done.

We can’t do all your homework for you, but this eBook will: 

  • Explain the unanticipated costs of implementing business intelligence 
  • Show you how to ask about these costs
  • Show you how to estimate these costs
  • Explain how to mitigate the risks of these costs

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