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From Data Sources to Data Destinations

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Building the infrastructure to ingest and visualize data is painful. Managing and munging multi-structured data from multiple sources is exhausting when all you want is fast real-time insights.

In this webinar we'll cover it all from optimizing your data ingestion process to the pros and cons of today's most popular databases. You'll discover the tools necessary to make the best technology decision for your organization.   

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • How to choose the best stack for your visualization and analytics need
  • The different database types and which one you should use
  • Why ELT works better than ETL

Duration: 45 minutes


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About Presenters

AJ Welch, Data Engineer
john treasuredata

AJ Welch is a Data Engineer at Chartio. AJ is an expert in helping clients build data warehousing and BI solutions to improve their analytic capabilities



John Hammink is an Evangelist at Treasure Data. John evangelizes Treasure Data and Fluentd to their worldwide developer community.