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Sales Outbounding: The Secret to Getting It Right

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Join us as Ryan Buckley, CEO of the popular sales tool Toofr and Co-Founder and Head of Sales of the content marketplace Scripted, discusses how to build an outbounding strategy that works. From who to contact to the secret sauce of getting your emails opened and answered, Ryan will take us through his data-driven outbounding recipe for success.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Which KPIs ensure smart outbound sales decisions
  • Building and tackling your prospecting list
  • What emails (that you aren't sending now) are proven to get replies 

Webinar Details:

Duration: 1 hour

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About Ryan Buckley

Ryan Buckley
scripted toofr

Ryan Buckley is a serial entrepreneur who has started (and failed) several companies. Currently he is focused on helping marketing and sales teams run faster and more efficiently. 

About Toofr and Scripted: Toofr.com is a bootstrapped sales application that makes it easy for account executives to discover prospect email addresses and domain information, and Scripted.com is a venture-backed startup that is solving the challenge of creating great content for thousands of companies worldwide.