How Meteor Drives Exponential Growth With Their Unique Analytics Stack

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How To Drive
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Meteor — one of the largest open source platforms for building web and mobile apps — lives or dies by community growth and project adoption.

Meteor pulls together all dimensions of their customer data — from Github to Zendesk — to power critical platform growth and adoption. They’ve developed a unique analytics stack that processes and analyzes millions of rows of data to deliver the insights they need.

Dan Ahmadi, Director of Growth at Meteor, discusses how Meteor uses Segment Sources, Amazon Redshift, and Chartio to combine multiple data sources to create a single-customer view.

You’ll also learn the key analyses powering the growth of the Meteor JavaScript platform and their latest GraphQL based project, Apollo — and how you can apply their strategies. 

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • How Meteor uses Segment to combine several data sources in Amazon Redshift
  • How Meteor uses Chartio to analyze their GitHub data
  • The Analyses Meteor uses to track:
    • Product: trends across repositories for the Stargazer media player
    • Adoption: insights on Meteor framework usage
    • Engagement: top community contributors and what drives them
    • Growth: daily commercial growth patterns and anomalies 

Duration: 40 minutes

Start: 10:00 am PST / 1:00pm EST 

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About Our Speakers

Dan Ahmadi, Meteor

Dan Ahmadi

Dan Ahmadi leads digital marketing and marketing operations at Meteor. Before Meteor, he was part of the digital marketing team at MuleSoft. A biochemist-turned-marketer, he focuses on analytics to drive strategic decisions, and leverages automation to get him there.

AJ Welch, Chartio

AJ Welch

AJ Welch is a Data Engineer at Chartio. AJ is an expert in helping clients build data warehousing and BI solutions to improve their analytic capabilities.

JJ Nguyen, Segment

JJ Nguyen

JJ Nguyen is a Product Marketing Manager at Segment where she helps advocate for the customer, define market segments, and enable the sales team. Before Segment, she was in charge of CX Strategy and Analytics at Warby Parker.