Webinar: Optimize Your Amazon Redshift for Chartio

Often customers run into performance problems with Amazon Redshift. 

These problems can cause slow queries and dashboards and failure in data pipelines that impact the delivery of your reports. 

While commonly mistaken for Chartio performance issues, they are in all likelihood cause by misconfigurations of your Amazon Redshift cluster.

In this webinar we will be discussing tips and tricks to help improve your Amazon Redshift experience.

You'll learn:

  • How to identify & fix common Amazon Redshift performance issues 
  • How to improve dashboard load times in Chartio
  • How to work across your data team to grow with your data volume

Chartio customers who have used the approaches we describe in this webinar have seen the following benefits:

  • 10x faster dashboards 
  • 2x increase in data team productivity
  • 25% savings on Amazon Redshift spend

Duration: 45 minutes

About Our Speakers


Jennifer Hudiono

Lars Kamp-357180-edited.jpg

Lars Kamp

Jennifer grew up in the Bay Area and attended Cal Poly SLO receiving her degree in Biomedical Engineering. Prior to joining Chartio, she worked at Oracle as a consultant. Jennifer is now a Chartio customer evangelist where she leads product.



Lars is co-founder and Chief Customer Officer at Before, he led the effort to form Accenture Digital, which helped companies address the shift to cloud and mobile computing. It included investments into assets which are now the foundation for the Accenture AWS (Amazon Web Services) Business Group. At Lars loves to connect with new customers and act as a bridge between their technical challenges and intermix's solutions. In his free time you’ll find him skiing the Sierra Nevada with his family. And occasionally smoking his own salmon in his backyard.