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Advanced Google Analytics
Tips & Tricks

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As a powerful web analytics platform, Google Analytics gives users the ability to explore metrics and trends like never before.

These awesome capabilities can be daunting to users. Join us for this 45 minute session as we go beyond the out-of-the-box functionality of Google Analytics and deep-dive into the platform's most recent and impactful features.

Learn how to approach:

  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Marketing Attribution Methodology
  • Customer Journey Analysis
  • Campaign/Cost Data Analysis

WHEN: Tuesday, September 26th at 1pm PST 

Duration: 45 minutes

Meet the Speakers

  • Sean Ellis

    Charles Farina

    Manager of Digital Analytics

    Analytics Pros

  • As a premier reseller of the Google Analytics 360 Suite, Analytics Pros works with clients including GoPro, Yelp and Visa. Charles is a Certified Web Analyst through the Digital Analytics Association and has 10 years of experience in Digital Analytics. 
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    Emily Highstreet

    Marketing Manager

  • With more than 5 years experience in digital marketing, Emily has worked with starts ups and enterprise teams alike to develop their demand strategy and curate an optimal tech stack to support such growth.