How To Crush Your Q2 Goals Using Cohort Analysis

On-Demand Webinar

Join us April 14th where we will go over how to use cohort analysis and fearlessly sort through your data to crush both your individual and company goals. Don't miss out on these actionable tips and capitalize on the data you are already tracking!

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • What cohort metrics you should be tracking and why.
  • How to confidently build and read cohort analyses. 
  • How to turn analysis into actionable goals across the entire company.


Duration: 30 minutes

Start: 10:00 am EST / 1:00pm PST 

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 About The Host, Jordan Hwang


Jordan leads marketing and sales for Chartio. He previously worked at Kabam, managing marketing and live operations for their free-to-play games. Prior to that, he helped manage multi-million dollar marketing campaigns for companies like Symantec and Yahoo!